HGTI has completed the Practical Training to 30 beautiful and hardworking beneficiaries in Dressmaking and Tailoring (Uniform Production) under the Productive Inclusion (PI) Programme

HGTI ensured the:

  • Provision of employable skills in Uniform Production
  • Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the training event and beneficiaries
  • Motivation of beneficiaries to participate actively in Dressmaking and Tailoring.

Intensive training sessions were carried out from May to August, 2022.

The training was supported by the European Union.

1.Flexible training methodology was adopted due to the varied backgrounds ( including differently abled, pregnant mother, nursing mothers, and some with very minimal education).

2. Fante was the main language used for instructions. Demonstrations and practical oriented presentations were adopted.

3. Grouped in twos and threes to enable peer learning. Previous knowledge, experience, language, disability, motherhood and other factors were the determining factors in the groupings. 

4. Adequate sewing machines were made available for the groups. Consumables were purchased and distributed to each trainee in the groups.

These were adopted for the first five (5) weeks. This worked very well for the first 5 weeks of the training.

5. Business Groups Trainees were regrouped to enable them widen out. In groups of threes and fours, each group came up with a Business Name and a Chief Executive Officer within each group.

6. The instructors looked for effective leadership, coordination, speed and accuracy amongst members of the groups.

7. Trainees were presented with Industrial Machines and other accessories to start the journey to self employment.

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