Abasot Guide is a subsidiary of Heritage Ghana. It is a team of friendly business minded Consultants/Researchers who have operated since 2008 in the business industry. We guide you in growing your business in a carefully directed path so you avoid the pitfalls that usually occur in today’s business environment. Our core activities are Business research, Financial Management training and publicity. Abasot, taking you to your successful destination is our pride.  We guide you safely.

Our extensive experience of working in collaborative partnerships with private sector and voluntary organizations delivering a range of projects is our driving force in providing a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy and advisory services in Business Communications, Market research, Product development, Advocacy capacity building, Business Plans & Proposal Development and Financial Management.






Due diligence helps to acquire the facts and confidence you need from your clients and other sources for investment or project sponsorship. Clients include financial institutions and project financiers. We have legal, financial and research experts to meet your needs

What we do

i). For Development Partners: With our seven years experience in due diligence expertise, we will

  • check undisclosed problems
  • review corporate documents, contracts, permits and government approvals that apply to parties.

ii). For Financial Institutions: Abasot will guide you to reduce loan delinquencies. Our legal, financial and research experts will

  • Verify loan information provided.
  • Undertake periodic project Assessments for financiers.

These help to determine whether intended transactions can proceed as planned or whether further representation or exceptions to the existing representations are needed.




What We Do

We prepare job seekers for the job market by assisting them in CV writing and interview dos and don’ts.




What we do

We provide professional web site design and development. We have a team made up of experienced web developers and content development management system experts to execute tasks to satisfy customers.

We have a clear understanding of the web site development requirements, and we have the knowledge, skills and experience to successfully complete the website project

A well designed website is an important component to the success of your business online presence. Customers may know your business and what you can offer but they can’t reach you. A user friendly website provides enormous benefit to your firm in various ways;

  • Cost Effective: A strategically developed website and online presence provides cost advantages.
  • Accessible around the clock (24/7): Having a business websites gives your customers the ability and opportunity to contact and access your product or service even if your working hours are over.
  • Convenience: Smart businesses have their own website housing their products or services so that potential customers can browse online for the product they want to purchase.
  • Credibility: By building a business website, you are giving your business the opportunity to tell costumers why they should trust you and the testimonials and facts to back up those opportunities.
  • Sales: Being visible worldwide means you are very likely to gain more costumers. The more customers and visitors you have, the more sales you will generate.
  • Marketing: Having a website allows you to market your business online through a lot of marketing strategies.





What We Do

  • We support micro credit and credit unions on best practices
  • Offer training in financial management to individuals and businesses




Event Planning

Event Implementation

Post event evaluation



Past Clients



  • Busac Fund– Conducted Business Advocacy Research for over 16 associations
  • NGOs– Website design and data management
  • Star Ghana– Conducted Enterprise Development Training for Association of Small Scale Industry in the Jomoro and Ellembele Districts
  • Trade Associations -Prepared Business plans and managed project operations to build capacity for 32 Business Associations in The Nzema East, Ellembele and Jomoro Districts in the western region
  • Framer Based Associations
    • Conducted Training/coaching on basic farm management practices and farm records keeping for associations
    • Conducted Training/coaching on basic farm management practices and farm records keeping for Framers Association.


6. ASSI Credit Unions -Conducted Credit Union Best Practises training for Community Credit Unions

About Us

Heritage Ghana (HG), was formed to protect our flora and fauna through sensitization and provision of alternative livelihood


To facilitate an increased desire and action for an enhanced development, protection and promotion of Ghana’s heritage resources


Heritage Ghana envisages a highly protected and promoted natural and cultural resources for tourism development in Ghana


Vigilance, gender sensitivity and fairness