Ghana’s Ecosystem has been under severe and reckless attack for a considerable time. Our forests have recently come under attack through illegal mining. HG believes that provision of alternative livelihoods to indigenes could help reduce the overreliance on the forest

Heritage Ghana Training Institute is undertaking a project in providing technical and vocational education and training at Sefwi Asafo in the Western North Region. Through this, women who are at risk of being lured into illegal mining as helping hands are being given skills in Catering, Garment Making/Fashion, Electricals and Electronics.  Cosmetology, Business Incubation and ATVET to be added soon.

This is being done in collaboration with and supervision of Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), The Ministry of Education, Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers and Garment Makers Associations.  The structure follows the new COTVET framework.


Admission is open to:

  • SHS Leavers
  • JHS leavers
  • Mastercraft persons
  • apprentices

Duration: 1-3 years depending on the entry level


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About Us

Heritage Ghana (HG), was formed to protect our flora and fauna through sensitization and provision of alternative livelihood

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